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Magic: The Best Hand Cleaners Ever Made

Magic Hand Cleaner

The Best Hand Cleaner Ever Made

This is the original Magic Hand Cleaner. Containing only the highest quality ingredients, it is guaranteed to leave your hands feeling the freshest they ever have. Using our proprietary, all-natural formula and triple the active abrasives, Magic cleans better and faster than any other hand cleaner of any brand. Consisting of very little water, strictly ‘cosmetic-grade’ walnut shells, powerful citrus cleaning agents, and six skin conditioners, this is the most costly industrial hand soap on the market to produce, providing endless superior results. The smallest amount will remove any level of stains and odors, rinse away with a splash of water, and leave nothing but a natural citrus scent, and fresh, healthy hands behind. You supply the water, we’ll supply the Magic.

Magic Industrial Wipes

Everything Wipes

The Most Effective Wipes on the Market

Magic Everything Wipes are formulated to be the most diverse and powerful cleaning product on the market. They are the most saturated and durable towels loaded with commercial cleaning power. Magic wipes absorb more grease and grime better than any shop towel ever could while leaving your hands smooth and fresh time after time. Remove permenent marker stains from hard wood or leather harmlessly. Clean carpet stains, clothing, countertops, sinks, baseboards and walls, and more. Try them on your next tough mess and tell us what you think for a free 25-count tub of wipes.