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November 3rd-6th 2015

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Get Concentrated Magic
at Your Local Hardware Store

Over 2000 retail locations nationwide. Now find the best hand cleaners and wipes at your local hardware store.

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Magic: The Best Hand Cleaner Ever Made

Magic Hand Cleaner

The Best Hand Cleaner Ever Made
If you're tired of harsh industrial hand cleaners that damage your hands day after day, try Magic and clean faster while putting an end to dryness and irritation.
This is the original Magic. Containing only the highest quality ingredients, it is guaranteed to leave your hands feeling the freshest they ever have. Using our proprietary, all-natural formula and triple the active abrasives, Magic cleans better and faster than any other hand cleaner of any brand. Consisting of very little water, strictly ‘cosmetic-grade’ walnut shells, powerful citrus cleaning agents, and six skin conditioners, this is the most costly industrial hand soap on the market to produce, providing endless superior results. The smallest amount will remove any level of stains and odors, rinse away with a splash of water, and leave nothing but a natural citrus scent, and fresh, healthy hands behind. You supply the water, we’ll supply the Magic.

Magic: The World's Best Hand & Surface Wipes

Magic Everything Wipes

The World's Best Hand & Surface Wipes
Clean out your garage shelves or kitchen cupboards and try the most versatile cleaning product on the market.
Magic Hand & Surface Wipes are all double-sided and contain twice the towels of the competition with 110 individual 8" x 12" wipes. They scrub nearly any surface and are durable saturated to last through dozens of applications. The formula inside attracts dirt and grime while leaving a fresh scent behind. Easily clean tables, counter tops, appliances, floors, carpet, car interiors, desktops, and of course, your hands. The special conditioners will leave your hands clean and fresh in seconds. Stop relying on paper towels and experience Concentrated Magic.

Magic: Superior Paint Removal and Cleanup

Magic Paint & Graffiti Wipes

Superior Paint Removal and Cleanup
Quick and easy cleanup of all paint, graffiti, glues, and adhesives.
Concentrated Magic Paint & Graffiti Wipes let you clean up paint mess on your hands and surfaces quickly and easily. These wipes will quickly removes latex, oil based paints, and heavy adhesives with no mess and no damage to your hands or underlying surfaces. Try them today and see for yourself.

Experience the unparalelled quality of the original Concentrated Magic.

Magic Hand Cleaner easily removes grease, grime, dirt, sap, oils, glues and adhesives, soils and organic materials, powders, inks and marker, and much more all withouth drying and cracking your hands.

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